Culture Portfolio: England and English Culture

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The course is implemented independently in Optima.Instructions:?• Make yourself a study schedule. The course equals approximately 80 hours of student work.• You can complete the course at your own pace, so that all assignments are completed by the end of the course.• No feedback is given. At the end of the course, the course instructor checks that all assignments are completed according to the given criteria. There is no teacher in the course.• Criteria and further instructions are provided in Optima.• The course is implemented in English.

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a computer with an internet connection, speakers and a device with a microphone and camera for recording, e.g. smartphone.

By week 50, we’ll let you know you’ve got in.

Ajankohta: 21.01.2019 - 29.04.2019
Ilmoittautuminen: 19.11.2018 - 14.01.2019

The following themes will be covered during the course:
– cultural awareness (for instance basing on different theories)
– stereotypes
– culture shock
– customs during free time and in work.

tavoitteet: After the virtual course, the student has knowledge on the target country, its society, customs and working life methods. The student understands the characteristics of the target country culture and recognises the factors which affect the intercultural communication.

The student can adjust his/her communication according to the target country culture.

edeltävyysehdot: Language level B2, further information on the European language levels (CEFR)


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