English Grammar and Writing

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Opettaja(t): Marianna Leikomaa
Email: marianna.leikomaa@tamk.fi
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The course consists of 6 material units, mandatory writing tasks and a group work, based on a novel the students must read. The students study independently in on-line learning environment and return the assignments according to the instructions given in on-line learning environment. There are no contact lessons except for the exam, which is done on paper either at TAMK or at the student’s own university or UAS. During the course, the students are also expected to read a novel in English (from a list of novels given during the course) and to write an essay about it in groups using on-line learning environment tools.

Ajankohta: 21.01.2019 - 05.06.2019
Ilmoittautuminen: 26.11.2018 - 06.01.2019

After completing the course, the students
1. will be able to use English verbs
2. will be able to use English prepositions
3. will be able to use English articles
4. are more fluent in writing different types of texts in English
5. have gained skills needed to carry out group work in an on-line environment

Prerequisites: upper secondary school English or equivalent. This is an advanced course on English grammar.
The course is taught in English and it is also suitable for non-Finnish students, including exchange students.