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Student can explore, identify and evaluate business opportunities and create solutions for them. Student can design and develop solution in practice for the identified opportunity. Student can transform product, service and business ideas into a customer driven serviceproducts and commercialise it. Student can commercialise solution concept in to new product, service and business. Student can design business models, evaluate profitability and feasibility.

Mål: Start Up Business School studies are based on flipped learning, in which students' self-directioin is improved and supported by guidance, interactive learning assignments and real life business experimentation. Business design and service design processes, methods and tools are applied in Start Up Business School studies. Start Up Business School consists of three themes and relevant contents: Theme 1: business opportunity: trends and business opportunities, business environment, customer and user segmentation, customer insight and profiling, ideate solutions, idea selection and development planning. Theme 2: idea commercialisation: from idea to business concept and value proposition, profiling concept, designing and making fake advertisement, searching validation for the concept and the valuep propostion, customer engagement and sales pitch. Theme 3: business modeling: preliminary business modeling and market demand estimation, service blueprint and customer journey, designing and conducting business experimentation, designing minimum viable product, plan of action and designing business performance measurement. For master's degree students there are literature review of relevant theories and concepts for every theme.
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Lärare: Vesa Tuomela
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