3D-Modelling in Creative Use

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In this course you will learn how to create 3D-models in creative ways. Take a picture and create a 3D-model from it. Take several pictures and create more accurate model. How to measure an object and model it in 3D.
You will also get knowledge about possibilities for creating physical objects from your 3D-model: traditional manufacturing and 3D-printing. Material options vary from plastic and metal to wood and chocolate.

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Individual work



Opettaja(t): Mikko Ruotsalainen
Email: mikko.ruotsalainen@saimia.fi
Ilmoittautumiskäytäntöihin liittyvät kyselyt: avoinamk@saimia.fi

Ilmoittautuminen: 18.03.2019 - 30.04.2019
Ajankohta: 03.06.2019 - 30.08.2019