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Learning outcomes:
You are able to analyze style of the text and recognize different components of a report, chapter, paragraph and sentence. You understand the significance of ethical writing and referencing. You know XAMK referencing practices and can follow them systematically. You are able to write a fluent and correct thesis displaying good academic style, typical of your own field and your research approach.
Contents and methods:
What are Xamk referencing practices?
What is ethical referencing?
How to avoid accidental plagiarism?
How to draft a list of references following XAMK style guide?
How to compose different chapters (theoretical framework, data, results, etc.) of the thesis so that you expression serves the specific purpose of each chapter?
What is good academic style?
What is flow?
What is a structure of a good paragraph?
What is general to specific -principle?
What is a topic sentence and controlling idea?
What are the punctuation rules?
What kind of writing strategies can be used to help the research process?
What kind of writing tools and language tools are available?

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Online materials provided through Moodle.

Online course with assignments.

Edeltävä osaaminen:
Successful completion of the course requires overall English skills in the upper intermediate level (B2 level).

The course is designed for students in English-instructed programs who write their thesis in English. The course can be taken before starting the thesis process or during the thesis process.The course is also open to other students.


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Online materials provided through Moodle.

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