Basics of business operations

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Business consists of entrepreneurial team, products and services, resources, customers and business environment in different phases of business planning, execution, assessment and development. Business development is analytical preparation for starting and developing business. Student can -recognice business functions and business environment factors: market, industry, trends and macro-economics -analyse effects of business environment factors on business -plan and evaluate profitable business and prerequsite -can choose relevant company form -can establish an enterprise in industry sector of own interest

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This is virtual course requiring independent work from student. The course consists sections in the Moodle where student prepare their own view based on their experience, own thinking and literature – post them and comment other student’s postings. Student guidance will be done through Moodle, WebEx Skype and other relevant tools, and will be given both for the whole group as well as at the level of an individual student as per needed basis.



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