Biogas Production in Farm Scale

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This course gives the student insight into different aspects of biogas production in farm scale. The structure of the course is formed by three divisions. The first one is properties of biogas where the student learn to recognize the resources and the possibilities of production of biogas and is able to calculate the energy and utilization potential of the biogas. Second division is about technical solutions of biogas production where the student learn to understand what kind of biomass can be utilized as a raw material for biogas production. The student will also learn in with what kind of technology biogas is produced and how it can be utilized for energy production. Last division is utilization of biogas where student realize the positive impact of the energy utilization of local raw materials for local economy and is able to determine the scale of the processing unit. The student also recognizes the environmental impacts of production and usage of biogas and is able to define environmentally sound ways to recycle the residues of the process.
The goal of the course is:
• to know the basic biogas/natural gas properties
• to know the basic biogas terms
• to know the basic processes of the biogas production
• to know the different alternatives of biogas use
• to know biogas by-products and alternatives for use
• to understand the benefits and obstacles of biogas use
• to understand the environmental impact of biogas use
• to understand the potential of biogas as a domestic source

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Online lectures, online assessment, independent study and exercises in Optima –virtual learning environment.


Feedback and assessment will be provided within four weeks of course performance.

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  • Student places are divided between Turku University of Applied Sciences and other Universities of Applied Sciences, so that 50% of the students are accepted from Turku University of Applied Sciences and 50% of the students are accepted from other Universities of Applied Sciences (e.g. a total of 30 places in the course; 15 students from TUAS, 15 from other UAS).
  • Turku UAS students enroll via Peppi.
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