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Learners can design a better business and can master business design facilitation, can create future vision, can master observation and questioning, can master understand and knowledge building, can master ideation, prototyping, and validation in business experimentation.

Learning and competence building is based on the double loop learning process: preparation and point of view to designing challenge, understanding and knowledge building, ideating, prototyping and validating.
Content of studies are: team building, screen playing, bold stepping for the future vision, designing design criteria, cover storying and storytelling, designing value proposition, designing customer journey and experience, designing business models, designing business environment context, creative matrix, wall of ideas, innovation matrix, sketching, prototyping, fake advertising, and identifying riskiest assumption analyzing, designing experimenting and validating hypothesis.

Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: Online course. Solving real business challenges by using lean, agile and dynamic design process.
Assessment in Business design is based on level of competences in different learning assignments. Assessment criteria in the implementation plan.
Opettaja(t): Vesa Tuomela
Email: vesa.tuomela(at)
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Huom: Check out the implementation plan before registering. Please note that enrollment is binding. HAMK's students register in Pakki.

Ilmoittautuminen: 18.11.2019 - 15.12.2019
Ajankohta: 13.01.2020 - 08.05.2020