Business to Business Selling and Productization

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Yhteiskuntatieteiden, liiketalouden ja hallinnon ala,

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Organizational buying behavior

Planning, evaluation and assessment of b2b selling

Professional services analysis and development

Productization process

The student learns to assess the special characteristics related to the selling between organizations and its impact on various situations. He/she can interpret the organizational buying behavior and integrate his/her actions accordingly. Further, while making tactical plans, the student can take into account the acquisition practices of the public sector.

The student learns to carry out a customization process consisting of a product/service combination required. He/she can analyze the special characteristics related to professional services and take them account in the realization of a productization or marketing activities in practice.

No particular beforehand knowledge is required, of course this is a business related course, so some basic knowledge of business is expected. If you come from different type of background then you have to study more of the terms and tools and theories on your own.

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Web based course. Specific instructions in the beginning of the course. Please note that web based course requires a lots of motivation and self-studying from the students !!!! The study method is Learning-by- Doing, so lots of self motivation and individual learning and studying is required from the students. The lecturer will give tips and hints how to progress, but the work is to be done by the students.

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Web based course. No Exam, all the assignments at Optima.


0-5 ( fail to top five grade). Detailled instructions at Optima. It is essential to obey the deadlines.

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* No special requirements, there is Optima platform used during the course and normal web browsers etc. are in use. It the students wants to up-grade already approved grade, it is done through the exam (at Turku University of Applied Sciences). Please contact the teacher, in order to agree dates etc. This option is only possible in case you have passed the course, but want to up-grade the final grade. If you miss to return your task before the deadline ends then you have failed the course.

By week 50, we’ll let you know you’ve got in.

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