Business to Business Selling and Productization

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Ala:  Yhteiskuntatieteiden, liiketalouden ja hallinnon ala

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The student learns to assess the special characteristics related to the selling between organizations and its impact on various situations.  He/she can interpret the organizational buying behavior and integrate his/her actions accordingly.   Further, while making tactical plans, the student can take into account the acquisition practices of the public sector.

The student learns to carry out a customization process consisting of a product/service combination required. He/she can analyze the special characteristics related to professional services and take them account in the realization of a productization or marketing activities in practice.

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Organizational buying behavior
Planning, evaluation and assessment of b2b selling
Public acquisitions
Professional services analysis and development
Productization process

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PBL, Innovaatiopedagogiikka.

5 ects.5 ects. Individual work. Learning by doing. This method requires a lots of motivation and self discipline from the student. No group works.



Opettaja(t): Anne Leinovaara-Matomäki
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