Childbearing, Immigration and Health

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After this course students
1) know and can describe theories and values that shape intercultural care and multicultural health promotion
2) can describe the health of immigrant/ migrant women by studies and statistics
3) understand immigrant´s / migrant´s health promotion needs and health promotion priorities
4) Can communicate with one childbearing immigrant woman and have capacity to provide her with the tools and motivation necessary to accomplish their emotional and physical health goals.
5) learn to interact with other students in English online


Immigration/ migration and health and intercultural/ multicultural nursing and health promotion theories.
Specific childbearing issues: female genital mutilation (FGM), honor related violence (HRV), breastfeeding family planning, doula support, and communication.
Encounter with a immigrant childbearing woman

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All assignments and the final project are done in small groups of 4-6 students.
The course introduction is trough Adobe Connect Pro
The introduction 9 am -12 am 17.2.2020 is obligatory for all students


Assignments: pass / fail
Final project: 1-5

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Course is devided with Metropolia and Novia.

Contact person and contact information during the course:

Pirjo Koski  17.2.2020-27.3.2020

Anita Wikberg  28.3-17.5.2020

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