Opintojakson nimi Create a website with WordPress
Opintojakson ajankohta 15.09.2023 - 11.12.2023
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Create a website with WordPress

15.09.2023 - 11.12.2023

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Learning outcomes:

After completing this course, you are able to build a custom website with WordPress for multiple purposes. More detailed, you:

  • are able to install WordPress and get familiar to its dashboard and features
  • are able to install and customize themes
  • learn to install useful plugins
  • learn to use the pages and posts
  • learn to customize navigation menus and widgets
  • know the difference and the use of a static and a blog website
  • get also familiar how to customize additional CSS (and to understand HTML on the way)

NB! You don’t need coding skills for this course – you won’t learn it in this course either!

Contents and methods:

This course is divided into small sections, where you will be introduced to WordPress step by step. You will work your way through the sections in the order displayed on the course platform. Each section includes learning material such as videos, lessons and quizzes which will help you to execute the learning assignments. The learning assignments are hands-on tasks where you will learn to use WordPress features and gradually create a website. The quizzes are there to make sure you are familiar with the basis of each sections’ content. You can apply this knowledge straight to your workflow.


Required previous skills:

You need a basic computer skills, a working computer and an internet connection.


Assessment methods and criteria:

Learning assignments will be evaluated with points. Scale 0-3 points:

  • 3 points (PASS) Excellent work. Instructions followed. Fully meets competency requirement.
  • 2 points (PASS) Good work. Instructions followed mostly, but some shortcomings on implementation. Meets enough of the competency requirement to adequately perform the assignment.
  • 1 point (PASS) Satisfactory. Instructions partially followed. Deficient implementation and/or doesn’t meet enough competency requirements to perform the assignment.
  • 0 points (FAILED) Unacceptable. Instructions not followed. Doesn’t meet the competency requirement.

Exams will be evaluated in pass/fail scale and must be completed and passed to proceed on the course platform.

To get a pass grade of this course, you’ll need to submit all the assignments and gather enough points out of them.

Assessment scale:  Accepted/Failed

Opintojakson työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus

This course is a self-study course, which you can carry out independently and at your own pace (within the overall time limits of the course).

The course covers 5 ECTS credits, totalling 135 hours of student work. The number of hours is theoretical and varies according to student effort.


Additional information on enrolment: Open University of Applied Sciences office,

Terms of cancellation:  You can cancel your enrolment free of charge 30 days before the course starts. If you have not cancelled by the due date, we will charge the full cost of the course. Cancellation by email to

Before the course starts, you’ll receive a course invitation by email.

Please note that there can be changes in the course details in terms of the timetable and teachers, for example.