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Opintojakson nimi Diabetes education and counseling
Opintojakson ajankohta 17.01.2022 - 12.12.2022
Korkeakoulu Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu
Opintojakson kieli Englanti
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Opintojakson ala Sosiaali-, terveys- ja liikunta-ala
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Diabetes education and counseling

17.01.2022 - 12.12.2022

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Objective:  The student can demonstrate an understanding of different definitions and the meaning of counseling, patient education, health promotion, adherence, compliance, self-management, and self-regulation. The student can demonstrate an understanding of the meaning of evidence based practice in patient education and counseling, including the cultural features. The student can analyze and evaluate health promotion, patient education and counseling in practice. The student can recognize and develop her/his own learning and counseling philosophy, style and competence. The student becomes familiar with evidence-based research articles related to diabetes education and counseling. The student adopts a reflective view to the development of diabetes education and counseling. Content:  1. Evidence based diabetes education and counseling 2 ECTS credits 2. Development of professional’s own counseling skills 2 ECTS credits 3. Research methods in diabetes education and counseling 1 ECTS credits



Every part of this online course (2 cr + 2 cr+1cr) will be evaluated approved/failed. Xamk Scale is fail/ incomplete/ pass. Incomplete means that the task can be completed (rarely used). Pass = Successfully completed tests and tasks planned in the course design. If there is discussion, participate and comment discussion as there is in the instruction. Assignments, discussions and tests to be done. Tests at least 60 % correct answers.

Remember to use the source literature and put them to the end (when it suits to the task).

All dicussions and tests have to be done, approved

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This course starts on 17 January 2022. The course should be completed within three months.

Enrolment is open until 11 September 2022.