Opintojakson nimi GetEmployed – Työllisty!
Opintojakson ajankohta 15.01.2024 - 26.04.2024
Korkeakoulu LAB-ammattikorkeakoulu
Opintojakson kieli Englanti
Opintopisteet 5 OP

Opintojakson ala Kaikille aloille soveltuva, Matkailu-, ravitsemis- ja liikunta-ala
Opettaja Minna Ulmala
Tarjotaan avoimen opiskelijoille Ei
Taso AMK

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GetEmployed – Työllisty!

15.01.2024 - 26.04.2024

Opintojakson kuvaus

Learning outcomes: The student is able to

  • recognise their own competences and create professional goals and professional identity
  • recognise the practices and the rules of Finnish work life and create useful contacts and networks for the future career
  • demonstrate mastery of the job application process, creating job application documents (application, CV, video CV) and acting during a job application process


The course objective is to increase the foreign student’s belief and trust in his/her employment opportunities in Finland, and to support him/her in a variety of different means. Learning objectives: A student

  • recognizes his/her own competencies and creates professional goals and professional identity
  • knows the practices and the rules of Finnish work life
  • is familiar with the different job portals and is able to utilize social media for a job search
  • is able to give an elevator pitch and create the documents (application, CV) and knows how to act during a job applying process
  • creates useful contacts and networks for the future career.



Prerequisites: passed course Finnish 4 or equal Finnish skills (level A1.3 – A2.1)



Opintojakson työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus

This course will be an online implementation and it is bilingual. Students are asked and encouraged to speak and write in Finnish. Learning methods: lectures, small groups discussions based on learning assignments, a visitor lecturer, and a job interview simulation.

Compulsory participation in online lectures 15.1.-26.4.2024 . Timetable is available via an implementation plan in December.

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The course is aimed to the third and the second year foreign students who wish to improve their job search skills in Finland and Finnish communication.


Students of the other UAS (Degree students and Open Studies’ path students)  enroll via Ilmoittaudu/Enroll -link. Please, write your student email to the enrollment form. Acceptance messages will be sent after the enrollment period.