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Global Teamwork Skills

12.09.2022 - 18.12.2022

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This course will look good in your CV! Every employer wants employees who can cooperate. The course is in the field of Organizational Behavior. Instead of the usual leadership or managerial perspective, we take the co-worker’s perspective with the aim to enhance the student’s skills as team-workers. The learning outcome will help students to understand organizational dynamics as a whole, thus it will also give basic knowledge applicable in leadership positions.

Target group: Bachelor’s students in Engineering, any discipline.

Learning goals: The student will have basic knowledge in team dynamics and different team-roles. In the course, the student is also expected to reflect over his/her contribution in creating a efficient team. Furthermore, the student will know about cultural differences based on Hofstede´s dimensions and have elaborated the challenges in cooperation and communication between at least three different cultures in a workplace.


Course content overview:

Module 1  Self-awareness; understanding your own contribution Mindset, skills (cognitive, technical and communicative) and attitudes, deadline 16.10.2022.

Module 2 Teambuilding, what and why? Belbin team-roles, Tuckman’s stages in team dynamics, etc. Deadline 20.11.2022

Module 3 Cross-cultural communication and understanding Hofstede’s dimensions, and a case study including material from modules 1 – 3. Deadline 18.12.2022


No prerequisites.


The course will be graded based on a portfolio of shorter assignments from each module and a course essay, 6 to 9 pages, at the end of the course.

Grade 1 – 2 The student does all the assignments in time and the learning-diary & essay show a basic understanding of the topics and at least some reflections on the own contribution to teamwork.

Grade 3 – 4 The student does all the assignments in time. The learning-diary & essay include meaningful descriptions of key aspects of global teamwork. Furthermore the student writes own reflections relevant to the topics. The student shows ability to connect the theories to work-life situations in her own field.

Grade 5 The student does all the assignments in time. The learning-diary & essay show a familiarity with the theories and topics introduced in the course. Furthermore the student can reflect in a mature way around the topics. The student shows ability to connect the theories to work-life situations in her own field and can also discuss pro’s and con’s with the perspectives in relation to a realistic work-situation.


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Mode of delivery: Asynchronous online lectures, self-studies and occasional group tasks, case studies. Moodle-platform to which Campusonline students can log in with their HAKA-login.

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Course Literature: To be recommended by the teacher on the Moodle-platform before the course starts.