Opintojakson nimi Production Management
Opintojakson ajankohta 05.09.2022 - 19.12.2022
Korkeakoulu Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu
Opintojakson kieli Englanti
Opintopisteet 3 OP

Opintojakson ala Yhteiskuntatieteiden, liiketalouden ja hallinnon ala
Opettaja Kenneth Norrgård
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Taso AMK

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Ilmoittautumisaika 24.08.2022 - 15.09.2022
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Production Management

05.09.2022 - 19.12.2022

Opintojakson kuvaus


Product development and design. Planning and scheduling practices. Quality control. Production and inventory management such as Lean manufacturing and JIT.

Part 0: Getting started Part 1: Introduction and Basic Concepts Part 2: Continous Improvement; Waste Elimination; Customer-Focused Quality Part 3: Elements of Lean Production Part 4: Production Management Systems Part 5: Quality Management End of Course: Reflecting and giving feedback

Learning outcomes

To provide the students understanding of the strategic role of production management which is responsible for producing the goods offered by a company


Preferable but not mandatory: Knowledge in Supply Chain Management


The course will be assessed on the scale 1-5.

Opintojakson työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus

A 100% online course with self-studies and virtual guidance.

Lecture times

05.09.2022 16.00 – 17.00

26.09.2022 16.00 – 17.00

24.10.2022 16.00 – 17.00

21.11.2022 16.00 – 17.00

Notice! You can hop in to the course at anytime until 15.9.2022. The lectures are recorded.

Opintojakson tiedot

The student will need an Internet connection and a computer or laptop or smart phone. The learning environment is in Moodle.

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The course starts with an online session on Monday September 5th 2022 at 16:00-17:00 (Helsinki time). An invitation link will be sent out in good time from the Moodle Learning Platform to all registered participants.


We will inform you about the instructions to getting into the course after the enrolment time has ended.