Opintojakson nimi Social rehabilitation in child welfare work
Opintojakson ajankohta 01.02.2023 - 30.04.2023
Korkeakoulu Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu
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Social rehabilitation in child welfare work

01.02.2023 - 30.04.2023

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Objective: – You know how to identify the healthy growth of a child and their growing environment in multi-professional child welfare work. – You can evaluate the circumstances and factors requiring change. – You can analyze rehabilitative child welfare work on individual, community and structural level. – You are able to work effectively and in a rehabilitative way in reciprocal relationships with clients and families, and in groups. Content: 1. How do you catch one’s interest on the supporting and the good factors in problematic situations? 2. How do you identify the safeguard and risk factors for child? 3. What are the impressive methods of child welfare work? 4. How do you apply promoting methods in child welfare work?



Assessment: Accepted/Failed

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