Opintojakson nimi Soil Construction
Opintojakson ajankohta 28.08.2023 - 31.07.2024
Korkeakoulu Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu
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Ilmoittautumisaika 14.08.2023 - 01.07.2024
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Soil Construction

28.08.2023 - 31.07.2024

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The student knows the most important properties of soil in soil transfer work as well as the influences of working conditions on performing the work. The student knows the legislation related to extractable land resources. The student knows the principles of work planning and is able to dimension the needed machine combinations and knows the aspects of environmental protection. The student knows the basics of basic geodetic measurements and geodesy basic accounting. The student knows the methods of measurement used in construction and for basics work machine automation.


1. Soil and soil types 2. Soil construction properties 3. Lowering the groundwater and trench supporting 4. Volume terms of soil materials 5. Machine capacity of soil construction and how the machine costs consist 6. Measurements in soil construction and machine automation 7. Soil construction machinery and transport 8. Soil construction work planning 9. Soil construction work environmental considerations 10. Strengthening the ground 11. Geosynthetics 12. Extraction of soil material and processing of aggregates 13. Road excavating and layers.


No prerequisites needed.



Average of exams + assessment of project work.

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Online course in Moodle. Nonstop.


The enrolment form opens on August 14, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. The course is free of charge for degree students (Bachelor’s/Master’s) at universities of applied sciences and for Open Studies’ path students. Also students from schools of professional teacher education and exchange students may complete the course free of charge. The link to the form can be found at the top of this page (”Enrol”). When registering, you must use the email address of your university of applied sciences. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation message where you can find more information. If you do not receive a confirmation message, please also check your spam folder and, if necessary, contact

Note! Students of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences register through Peppi.

For students taking individual study courses of the Open AMK, the course is subject to a fee (€15/credit). You can register for the paid course through the website of the Open University of Applied Sciences on August 1. from (link ”OPEN UAS Enrolment” at the top of the page.)