Opintojakson nimi The basics of contract and commercial law in Finland
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Opintojakson ala Yhteiskuntatieteiden, liiketalouden ja hallinnon ala
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The basics of contract and commercial law in Finland

12.09.2022 - 11.12.2022

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Students can describe the central role of contracts in business relations. Students are familiar with the requirements and consequences of contractual obligations. Students are able to evaluate the contractual risks for an organisation and take them into account when contracts are being made. Students are able to explain to the seller and buyer how a binding sales contract is made, and what their rights and obligations are in the sale of goods. Students are able to recognize the need to protect intellectual property rights and plan marketing operations that will not infringe the rights of others.


What are the general principles of the contract law? What are the special characteristics of the main types of contracts in business? What are the consequences of a breach of contract? How can the contractual compensation for damages be determined in contractual relations? How is a binding sales contract made and under what conditions will a contract be invalid? What are the rights and obligations of the seller and buyer in the sale of tangible goods? How do B-to-B and consumer sales differ? How can a business protect its rights? How should intellectual property rights be taken into account in marketing?


Students know how to a. systematically use professional vocabulary b. look for information in the key information sources of the field d. work together with customers, users and target groups


The course is automated. The evaluation is based entirely on the total number of points received from online exams.

Grades: Rejected, or approved 1-5

More information from Learn-sites.

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The study material is presented in more detail on the Learn page of the course.

Some of the study materials deal specifically with Finnish contract law and commercial law. The other part of the material deals more generally and internationally with agreements and other matters covered by this course.

Most of the material is linked to the Learn page of the course.

Books (available from XAMK’s Kaakkuri Library as an e-book): – Sund-Norrgård Petra: Contract Law in Finland (2017) or e-book. – Book: Surakka Aapo: Access to Finnish Law (2012) or e-book (partly)

Texts: – Website-guide ”Doing Business in Finland”, (linked to Learn pages) – Separate text picked up by the teacher for a text task (Exam 3) (Linked to Learn pages)

Videos: Picked up by teacher (linked to the Learn pages)

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The course is automated and includes 2 exams and 1 text exam related to study materials.

The students can complete the exams according to their own schedule according to their completion time window. The timetables given must be respected. 12.09.2022 – 11.12.2022

The course starts on 12.9.2022 The course ends on 11.12.2022 Exams and quizzes can be completed between: See more details on the Learn page of the course.


The course is based on the student’s own responsibility for his/her performance and self-study. For the most part, there is no teaching during the course.

The timetables given must be respected.