Design Thinking

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Design thinking as a way of seeing, observing and sensing the world. Design thinking as methods of making sense of the complexity.

Design Thinking 5 ECTS course is for anyone, who wishes to learn holistic human and experimental approach to be exploited i

Tavoitteet: The course is structured in Introduction week + 4 main themes:
1. Holistic View
2. Human View
3. Experimenting / prototyping
4. Concept Design
Each theme includes group tasks that are built on previous tasks.

After the course student knows different de
Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: Studying is executed in cross-disciplinary teams in web environment, which requires students' commitment for the group working and communication.

Studying will be more intensive during May and until mid June. From mid June until the end in August 14th wi
"By the scale of 0-5 by the active participation for the tasks and work together

- Self & Peer evaluation 50%
- Teacher's evaluation 50% by veto right"
Opettaja(t): Tarmo Karhu
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