Doing Business in China

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The aim of the module is to introduce to the participants some of the vital and indispensable information related to ‘Doing Business in China’. China being the world’s largest economy in terms of its market size, still remains an area of huge potential but largely untapped by the businessmen and entrepreneurs. The causes of the same can be attributed to linguistic barriers to lack of authentic sources of information and huge ‘trust deficits’. The American and Japanese MNCs has capitalized on the huge Chinese market with success and any major international brand (worth its name) in the international business today accords a very high priority to China.
On successful completion of the module students will be able to:
1. The students will be able to identify and describe the latest development in China.
2. The students will be able to analyze the environment of international business in China from political, legal, cultural, and economic perspectives.
3. The students will be able to recognize business opportunities and threats in China.
4. The students will be aware of the various methods and strategies used by international businesses when gaining entry into China, and to be able to choose the most appropriate entry mode in entering Chinese market.
5. The students will be able to analyse and handle issues and problems related to international business negotiations in China.
6. The students will be able to integrate all that has been learned in the course while working on a proj

Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: Online course. Check out the implementation plan.
To achieve outlined learning outcomes this class is assessed 60% by means of continuous assessment (including individual and group work) and 40% by means of an individual essay. 1. Continuous assessment (including individual and group work) - students will be continuously assessed throughout the course period using a combination of individual and group assignments. 2. Individual Essay – is used to evaluate the students’ overall understanding of the topics covered. Students will be given a list of debatable topics. Each student has to select a topic and argue either ‘for’ or ‘against’ a chosen position by providing theoretical arguments and industry examples. An essay is to be submitted on 15th May 2020 (2000 words).
Aikaisemmat opinnot: Pre-requisites:- A reasonably good level of English language proficiency , Basic knowledge in international economics and Finance Co-requisites: attendance, participation, and actual field activities.
Opettaja(t): Sajal Kabiraj
Email: sajal.kabiraj(at)
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