Android App Development


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This coding unit uses Android mobile app creation as the main concept. In this unit students will be introduced to App Inventor 2 for creating apps and then move onto using Android Stuidio, with the possibility to publish any completed app projects onto the Google Play store.

Objectives: - Introduction to app creation and App Inventor 2
- Creation of new Android project for a shopping app (fictional company in Porvoo)
- Setting up App Inventor 2 interface environment
- Using Inventor Designer
- Using the App Inventor Blocks Editor
- Testing with the Android emulator
- Widgets and controlling the app behaviour with Java
- Enabling support for different screen sizes and pixel densities for Android model and devices
- Publishing the app on the Google Play store
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Virtual studies



Teacher(s): Darren Trofimczuk
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Enrolment date: 18.03.2019 - 30.04.2019
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