Course name Contemporary Finnish Literature
Course date 22.05.2023 - 18.08.2023
Institution HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 3 ECTS credit

Field 4everyone HUB
Teacher Sanna Kukkonen
Available for open UAS No
Level Bachelor

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Enrolment period 13.03.2023 - 07.05.2023
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Contemporary Finnish Literature

22.05.2023 - 18.08.2023

Course description

Students cultivate their skills in understanding Finnish: vocabulary, Finnish society and culture.

The course covers four contemporary Finnish novels. The course is completed through independent study (81 h).

Students read four novels in Finnish , one of each category, and take an exam on them:

  1. Antti Holma: Järjestäjä or Maria Turtschaninoff: Maresi. Punaisen luostarin kronikoita
  2. Venla Hiidensalo: Karhunpesä or Tommi Kinnunen: Lopotti
  3. Juha Itkonen: Palatkaa perhoset or Riikka Pulkkinen: Paras mahdollinen maailma
  4. Jussi Valtonen: He eivät tiedä mitä tekevät or Riikka Ala-harja: Maihinnousu


Taking the exam requires excellent Finnish skills and knowledge of the basic terms of literary research in Finnish.

Assessment criteria

The course is evaluated on a scale excellent (5), very good (4), good (3), satisfactory (2), fair (1), fail (0). The assessment criteria is presented on a scale 1 – 3 – 5.

Assessment criteria – grade 1

The student:

  • may have read all the required books but is not able to demonstrate that.
  • is able to interpret some aspects of the texts according to the assignment and he/she may give few examples.
  • has limited understanding and usage of the basic literary concepts.

Assessment criteria – grade 3

The student:

  • has read all the required books and is able to demonstrate that.
  • is partly able to interpret the texts according to the assignment and gives some examples, which aren’t always relevant.
  • understands partly the basic literary concepts and uses some of them correctly.

Assessment criteria – grade 5

The student:

  • has read all the required books and is able to demonstrate that by interpreting the texts, discussing the different elements and giving relevant examples.
  • understands fully the basic literary concepts and uses them correctly.

Course way of working and time table

Virtual course.

The course involves a written exam and 81 hours of independent study including self-assessment of learning assignment of 1 hour.

Course enrolment info

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