Course name Experience design and experiential learning (Master’s level)
Course date 01.04.2024 - 31.05.2024
Institution HUMAK University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 5 ECTS credit

Field 4everyone HUB, Humanities and Education HUB, Hospitality Management HUB
Teacher Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen
Available for open UAS Chargeable
Level Master’s level

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Enrolment period 21.11.2023 - 15.12.2023
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Experience design and experiential learning (Master’s level)

01.04.2024 - 31.05.2024

Course description

In this Experience design and experiential learning (5 ECTS, Master’s level) course, participants learn about human behaviour from the perspectives of “experiencing” and “meaningful experiences”. Special attention will be given to applying the knowledge base and methods of experiential learning and adventure education in the fields of wellness, experience- and nature-based services and tourism.

The online course will be organized in English which enables an international learning environment.

Key contents

  • Meaningful experience, adventure, experientiality
  • Service design, experience design, experience economy
  • Educational, psychological and social psychological perspectives on experience
  • Physical, digital and virtual experiences and environments.

Target group

The course is intended for both students and professionals within the fields of education, leisure and recreation, business, tourism, sports, and youth/social/NGO work. A Bachelor’s degree from one of the aforementioned fields is recommended but not obligatory.


On successful completion of this course, students will be able to

  • Examine experience design in the field of wellness, experience- and nature-based services and tourism
  • Understands human behaviour from the perspectives of experiencing and meaningful experiences
  • Analyse the development needs of customers, operations, services, and environments
  • Develop customer journeys, services, products, and environments applying the knowledge base and methods in experiential learning and adventure education.


The participants should be willing to listen, read, write and speak English. This Master’s level (EQF 7) course equals 5 ECTS (1 ECTS credit point equals about 27 study hours).

Assessment criteria

Assessment: approved – not completed

Course way of working and time table

Online course which includes webinars, independent study, individual and group assignments, a learning and/or development task.

It is strongly recommended to attend the webinars, which are held as follows (Finnish time):

  • 16.04.2024 at 13.00-16.00
  • 26.04.2024 at 13.00-16.00
  • 06.05.2024 at 13.00-16.00
  • 16.05.2024 at 13.00-16.00

Course info

Student feedback

“The contents were interesting and inspiring.”

“Good balance between lectures and group discussions.”

“Assignments were clear and aroused a new model of thinking in me.”

“It was nice to hear examples about theories in real life.”

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