Course name Finland – the happiest country in the world
Course date 01.02.2023 - 31.08.2023
Institution XAMK University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 5 ECTS credit

Field Hospitality Management HUB
Teacher Xamk lehtori
Available for open UAS For Free
Level Bachelor

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Enrolment period 21.11.2022 - 28.05.2023
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Finland – the happiest country in the world

01.02.2023 - 31.08.2023

Course description

Objective: You can identify the Finland as a well-being country You understand the definition of happiness You are able to identify the meaning of mental health care, hope and quality of life You learn how to utilize the model of Finnish happiness in your own country and life Content: 1. Finland as a well-being country 2. What is happiness 3. Hope as a source of well-being 4. Support of material well-being in Finland 5. Explore the Finnish Happiness Game

Assessment criteria

The course is 5 ects, which equals 135 hours of work for the student. You can complete the course entirely individually. After each part (4) there is “test your knowledge” box. The course assesment is based on accept / complemented. The game consists of 40 true/false or “multi choice” questions. You will need minimum of 60 % right to pass the game.


Course info

1.2.-31.8.2023. The first start is 1.2.2023. After that students can start their studies approximately within a week after enrolling on this course. The estimated time for completing this course is 3 months. The last day of registration is May 28, 2023.