Course name From Idea to Product in Cultural Tourism
Course date 10.04.2023 - 02.06.2023
Institution Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 5 ECTS credit

Field Hospitality Management HUB, Entrepreneurship HUB
Teacher Susanna Nuijanmaa
Available for open UAS Chargeable
Level Bachelor

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Enrolment period 21.11.2022 - 28.02.2023
Implementation plan
OPEN UAS Enrolment

From Idea to Product in Cultural Tourism

10.04.2023 - 02.06.2023

Course description

During the course, the student will learn to identify cultural tourism potential and design new cultural tourism concepts. She/he will learn the service design process and relevant tools in the process.

Cultural tourism products service design process and tools customer insight innovation methods concepts


The student understands the concepts and phenomena related to cultural tourism. It is recommended to take the course “An approach to cultural tourism” or similar course before taking this course. There are also course “Kohti kulttuurimatkailua” available in Finnish.

Course way of working and time table

The course is virtual and implemented in Moodle learning environment. The course is based to self-studying.

Webinars Individual assignments Group assignments

The dead lines for the course assignments will be given in the beginning of the course. Latest deadline for all assignments is at the end of the course.

Course info


Stickdorn Marc. 2012. This is service design thinking

Miettinen S., Koivisto M.2009.Designing services with innovative methods.Helsinki:University of Art and Design

Moriz Stefan. 2005 London. Service design, Practical access to an evolving field

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