Course name German in English 1
Course date 09.01.2023 - 19.05.2023
Institution Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 5 ECTS credit

Field Languages and Communication HUB
Teacher Sanna Lomma-Lahtinen
Available for open UAS No
Level Bachelor

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Enrolment period 21.11.2022 - 18.12.2022
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German in English 1

09.01.2023 - 19.05.2023

Course description


The student understand the most common words and phrases in everyday situations and answer simple personal questions in short sentences and communicate simple needs. He or she has some knowledge of the culture and habits in the area, where German is spoken. CEFR (Common European Framework Reference level): A1.


Everyday vocabulary, e.g. introductions, domicile. German Pronunciation.

Basic structures: Numbers, question words, common regular verbs, personal pronouns, the gender of German nouns, German sentence structure, the indefinite and definite article of nouns and the plural of nouns, short introduction of the four grammatical cases in German and prepositions.

Assessment criteria

Grading 1-5.

Course way of working and time table

Hill sessions, homework, assignments/smaller exams throughout the course. A lot of independent work.

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Course enrolment info

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