Course name Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Business
Course date 03.05.2023 - 30.06.2023
Institution Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 3 ECTS credit

Field Business HUB
Teacher Kodjovi Lotchi
Available for open UAS Chargeable
Level Master’s level

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Enrolment period 13.03.2023 - 24.04.2023
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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Business

03.05.2023 - 30.06.2023

Course description


  • After completion of this course you will be able to: 
  • Understanding the fundamentals of AI and big data technologies and how they can be applied in a business context 
  • Understanding the steps of implementing AI for a Business or a Company. 
  • Understanding how AI and big data technologies can be used to improve business operations, optimize processes, and create innovative products and services. 
  • Learning how to identify potential risks, limitations, legal and ethical issues of using AI and big data in business  
  • Basic understanding of Chatbot (such as ChatGPT, Siri, Alexa) 


  • Overview of key concepts and applications in a business context. 
  • Knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science.  
  • Understand how Artificial Intelligence can help to optimize business processes, minimize costs and maximize profits.  
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence Technologies.  
  • Artificial Intelligence implementation 
  • Big Data Tools and Technologies: Overview of Hadoop, Spark, and other technologies used for big data processing. 
  • Risks, Limitations,1§ and Ethical issues of AI  


Bachelor’s studies

Assessment criteria

Grade (0-5)

Course way of working and time table

Mode of Teaching and Methods:

  • Online via Moodle / Independent Online learning modules 
  • Guest Speakers 
  • Hands-on projects and Project Workshops 
  • Case Studies and Class Discussion 

Study Material:

  • Slides and Articles provided by the teacher 
  • Textbook:  


Course enrolment info

The course has limited amount of study places. We will inform you about the acceptance to the course after the enrolment time has ended.