Course name Principles of Lean
Course date 15.03.2024 - 15.08.2024
Institution Turku University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 3 ECTS credit

Field Natural Sciences HUB, Technology HUB, Entrepreneurship HUB
Teacher Piritta Saipa
Available for open UAS Chargeable
Level Bachelor

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Enrolment period 15.03.2024 - 15.05.2024
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Principles of Lean

15.03.2024 - 15.08.2024

Course description

Competence objectives of study unit

The aim of this course is to give the student a broad insight into the five main principles of Lean thinking including illustrations on how they can be applied in practice. The student will even get acquainted with the use of representative Lean tools.



This course covers the following topics: – Customer centric approach, added value, waste, value stream mapping, one-piece flow, pull system, visualization, process mapping, 5S – Lean leadership, Lean culture, Continuous improvement


This course consists of five principles • Identify value • Map the Value stream • Create flow • Establish pull • Seek perfection

These principles in turn consist of 4 to 5 chapters. The principles build partly on each other meaning that this course should be processed in the given order. So you should proceed with one principle at a time including all the material, tasks and assignment that go with it. The course finish date must be kept.

Course material will be available 15.3.2024. The course must be completed not later that 15.8.2024. (Enrollment not later than 15.5.2024.)




Previous studies: Lean Basics course

Please note, that course Lean Basics  must be completed prior to this course.


Assessment criteria

  • H-5 Approved tasks, claims and assignment: Passed/failed Quizzes: Grades 1 to 5, 50% correct answers needed for ‘pass’ (grade 1). The final grade for the course will be the average of all the quizzes.

Course way of working and time table

  • The course is designed for individual studies without teacher involvement other than in the evaluation phase.
  • In order to successfully complete this course it is desirable that the student is capable of independent planning and problem solving. Since some of the exercises are applied in their nature their completion will be supported if the student has gained experience from work-life of other free-time organizational activities.
  • Course material will be available 15.9.23. The course must be completed not later that 10.12.2023.

Learning methods

  • On-line videos and lectures
  • Independent learning – Youtube videos and articles from the web
  • Independent exercises
  • Quizzes both after principles and a final one
  • Learning diary with assignments and tasks (done individually)

To be able to grasp the course contents in an optimal way the student is advised to spend approximately 45% of the time on repeatedly listening and reading the specific slide material, 10% of the time on the additional material (Youtube videos, articles) and 45% on the tasks, assignment and questions.

Course info

Learning materials can be found in Itslearning environment.

Course additional info

  • This course has a mandatory preparatory course (Lean basics, 1ECTS).
  • Passing Principles of Lean requires that all the five principles have been processed including completion of the associated tasks, simulations and assignments. In addition the student is requested to take the quiz that follows each of the principles. There is one trial for each principle. For passing a minimum of 50% correct answers is needed and if the student accomplishes this, the final grade for the course will be the average of all the quizzes.
  • If the student fails in one or several of the quizzes there will be a complementary broader quiz after all the five principles. If failing in this there are additional 2 opportunities to take the quiz. The quizzes are on-line and can be taken anytime.

Course enrolment info

Student places are divided between

  • Turku University of Applied Sciences  40 places
  • Other Universities of Applied Sciences 50 places,
  • Open University of Applied Sciences 10


Please note! Centria, Humak, TAMK, Turku UAS, VAMK and XAMK student, enroll at Peppi/Pakki