Course name Python programming and data processing
Course date 15.01.2023 - 21.05.2023
Institution XAMK University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 5 ECTS credit

Field Technology HUB
Teacher Xamk lehtori
Available for open UAS Chargeable
Level Bachelor

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Enrolment period 21.11.2022 - 31.03.2023
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Python programming and data processing

15.01.2023 - 21.05.2023

Course description

Objective: Upon completing this course the student will be able to explain the basic concepts of programming. The student also knows the fundamental programming structures and their operation. The student is able to write short programs using the Python programming language. The student can process and analyze text-based data programmatically. Content: Writing code in Python and using a code editor. Variables, inputs, data types, mathematical operations. Strings of texts and text manipulation. Conditional statements and structures. Control flow structures. Function routines. File handling. Lists and other composite data types. Libraries and extendable modules. Error handling. Algorithmic thinking, data representation and storage. Basic concepts of data processing.


Assessment criteria

The course is evaluated based on a practical assignment. Completing the assignment is mandatory in order to pass the course.

Assessment scale: Accepted/Failed

Course way of working and time table

Study material and interactive exercises collected in the learning platform. Lecture videos are available online.

The course consists of online lecture material, quizzes, weekly exercises and personal assignments. The course is self-paced and can be completed within the start and end dates. An online discussion platform is available for support and peer learning.

Course info

This course will start on 15th of January 2023 and after this date students can start their studies approximately within a week after enrolling on this course. The estimated time for completing this course is two months.