Course name Responsible Business Management
Course date 22.09.2022 - 01.12.2022
Institution Turku University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 5 ECTS credit

Field Business HUB
Teacher Otieno Mbare
Available for open UAS No
Level Bachelor

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Enrolment period 15.08.2022 - 15.09.2022
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Responsible Business Management

22.09.2022 - 01.12.2022

Course description


  • The nature of strategic management – using the strategic management model
  • The importance of vision and mission statement for a business organization
  • Why internal and external audits are important to a business firm
  • Different strategies firms apply in the face of competition
  • Business ethics in business


After studying this course the student will be capable of performing the following:

  • Apply various tools and instruments such as SWOT and PESTE analysis to make strategic decisions in an organization and thus, determine when a particular strategy is most appropriate to use
  • Apply the knowledge gained in the course to formulate corporate strategy, implement and evaluate the entire strategic management cycle
  • Determine when good ethics is good business in strategic management and apply this moral thinking in decision making.



Assessment criteria


Course way of working and time table

The course is designed in a way that the student can do it from own location. The interaction with the teacher is mostly online. There are several Internet sources available for the student to get useful information.

Based on Lectures, Teamwork, literature review, and Presentations using the following learning approaches:

  • Constructivism,
  • reflective,
  • Challenge-based-learning,
  • nquiry-based, and
  • experiential learning


  • David, F. Strategic Management: concepts and cases, @2011
  • Ebert & Griffin. Business Essential, Fourth Edition


133 hrs

  • Individual assignments (28h)
  • Group assignments (30)
  • Studying the recommended literatures (42h)
  • Final group project work (33h)

Course info

The course offers Seats for Turku UAS: 25 Seats for other UASs: 20

Course enrolment info

Students at TUAS – enrolment in Peppi NOT via the link here in CampusOnline-portal.

Seats for Turku UAS: 25 Seats for other UASs: 20 FULL