Effective workplace writing


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Course description: 

Learning outcomes:
The student can write English texts in the workplace and self-reflectively develop her/himself as a writer and language user. S/he is able:
– to receive peer feedback from texts and develop her/himself based on the feedback
– to give feedback to peers based on instructions
– to write correct text using appropriate tools paying attentio to the communicational and stylistic requirements of each genre and/or text type

Contents and methods:
The course consists of eight (8) one-credit topics. The student shall choose five (5) of them:
1. Documents of a formal meeting
2. Expert blogs
3. Homepage of a SME or small organization
4. Media release
5. Business transactions: Request for quotation and quotation
6. Business transactions: Complaint and reply
7. Documents of a job application
8. Consultation report

Working methods and scheduling: 

This course is entirely online.
The course consists of a number topics, of which the student chooses five to work on.
This course is available from 16 September til 31 December 2019, and all course work must be handed in before the closing date.


Assessment criteria
Each task will be graded pass/fail and the student will receive feedback from the teacher.
A task is passed when it contains all the required information and its quality is appropriate and sufficient for academic studies.
The student shall received a pass grade of all the assignments of the five topics s/he has chosen.

Teacher(s): Pekka Pennanen
Email: pekka.pennanen@xamk.fi
Queries related to enrollment practices: avoinamk@xamk.fi

Enrolment date: 26.08.2019 - 15.09.2019
Date: 07.10.2019 - 31.12.2019