Food Tourism


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Learning outcomes (express the level of competence Sufficient 1):
– is aware of Food Tourism, both on local and global level.
– can see the link between the current tourism trends an experience products related to food.
– is aware of the meaning of terroir and authenticity in food tourism.
– knows about the factors to be taken into account when planning a food tourism product.

Defining Food Tourism
Trends in tourism and food tourist’s motivators
Experience products in tourism
Special features of food tourism products: terroir and authenticity
Locality and globality in food tourism
Business and regional development in food tourism
Experience product design in food tourism

Working methods and scheduling: Interactive online involvement Individual written assignments Peer assessment Reflection
Assessment methods are based on learning objectives (Scale 1-5). 2 (Satisfactory) In addition to the core competence required for grade 1 the student understands the factors affecting Food Tourism and is capable of making use of the knowledge learnt. 3 (Good) In addition to the core competence, for grade 3 the student has a command of the skills listed below: the student is able to analyse topical phenomena associated with Food Tourism and he is familiar with both Finnish and global Food Tourism. He is able to apply the knowledge for a chosen case. 4 (Very good) In addition to the core competence, for grade 4 student is able to develop the case applied based on argumentation and is also capable of making use of the skills learnt in a critical and innovative way. 5 (Excellent) In addition to the core competence, for grade 5 student is able to present excellent theoretical and practical contribution. He shows creative and critical skills by developing an innovative experiential food tourism product and uses international research information in his work. If the student does not meet the minimum criteria set for the course, the grade is 0 (Fail).
Earlier education: None
Teacher(s): Minna Junttila
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Enrolment date: 26.08.2019 - 30.09.2019
Date: 07.10.2019 - 06.12.2019