Gerontological and district Nursing


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Studification of work is a new, alternative way to study at universities of applied sciences. Learning is brought from the classroom to the workplace. Competences required for a degree are aquired by working and connecting the gained work experience with the knowledge basis of each substance. Work studification has a positive impact on the student’s professional development, study progress and graduation.

Student studies by working; student implements theory on clinical setting (working place). Student needs to meet the criterias for studification:

1. You are working at the elderly unit like care home, hospital ward, home care etc. on the time you are studificating the course

2. You have an approval from your working place to studificate the course

3. You are a second/ third year nursing student

4. You are capable to study independently

5. You have asked for an application form for studification from Johanna Jalonen (

Competences: Application of the most important concepts and knowledge basis of gerontological nursing into practice. Knowledge of legislation on gerontological nursing. Supporting the achievement and maintenance of the well-being, health and function of the elderly. Planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing of the elderly and application of the ethical principles and good practice in nursing in various contexts. Managing planning and assessment of gerontological nursing and district nursing with specific attention to the special groups of the elderly, e.g. people with intellectual disability. Familiarisation with the knowledge basis of accessibility and its application in planning the nursing environment of the elderly. The specific features of safe medication of the elderly, its planning, implementation and assessment. Humane and symptom-based nursing care of the elderly patients with a terminal illness or chronic disease and support of their significant others. Critical information search from the most common data bases of health sciences.

Content: changes related to ageing: legislation on gerontological nursing: gerontological nursing in different contexts: assessment and support of function and resources: preventive house calls: accessibility: the most common health problems of the elderly: prevention of accidents: assessment of the nutrition status of the elderly (malnutrition) and nutrition treatment: memory diseases: mental health and substance abuse problems of the elderly: specific features of the health problems of elderly people with intellectual disability: medication of the elderly: clinical pharmacology and pharmacy: the ethical foundation of gerontological nursing: participation of the family and significant others in the care of the elderly: palliative care of the elderly: geriatrics.

Working methods and scheduling: 

This course is based on studification. Flexible timetable, as much time to studificate as you are working. When the application form (to lecturer Johanna Jalonen) is approved it is possible to start the course. 6 cr, ca 158 h student’s work (not the work place’s hours!)

  • On scale 1-5
  • Two exams on Moolde and the quality of written tasks
  • Includes nursing and pharmacology
  • Pass/ fail
  • Basics of geriatrics
Teacher(s): Johanna Jalonen

Enrolment date: 19.11.2018 - 31.10.2019
Date: 02.01.2019 - 31.12.2019