Introduction to GIS in Bioeconomy


Hub:  Natural Sciences, Nature and Environment, Technology

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The course is an introduction to geographic Information Systems (GIS),
primarly for students in the bioeconomy and environmental sectors.

Working methods and scheduling: Teaching is offered both as weekly web sessions in real-time which are recorded, and previously recorded "How to" videos for learning specifik tools and workflows. Course platform: Moodle Practice oriented, includes exercises and home assignments based on open data and open source software (QGIS3), that the course participant can download for free.
The course and each home assignments are graded on a scale Passed/Not yet Passed. All assignments need to be passed for the course to be passed.
Info: The course will be opened Oct 28th 2019. You will be contacted by teacher for more information, before opening of the courseplatform
Earlier education: Good, general computer skills needed.
Teacher(s): Romi Rancken
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Enrolment date: 26.08.2019 - 14.10.2019
Date: 28.10.2019 - 19.12.2019