Sources and Potentials of Different Biomass By-products


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Learning Outcomes

The student understands the concept of the biomass by-products. The student knows the main principles of calculating of the regional biomass and by-product potentials in Finland. After the course, the participants are able to utilize the available calculation software for dimensioning the inputs and outputs of the heating and biogas plants.

Course Contents
• The by-products of different biomasses
• Calculating of a regional biomass and by-product potential
• Planning the use of the end-products of the biomass utilization in a region

Working methods and scheduling: Online lectures, online assessment, peer feedback, independent study and exercises in Optima –virtual learning environment.
0-5 (Criterias tba later)
Info: The project Natural Resources to Bio-Economy by Digitalization (Digitalisaatiolla luonnonvarat biotalouteen (DLB) in Finnish) offers online courses for students form the Universities of Applied Sciences participating in the DLB-project. More information: "Ilmoittautumalla tähän opintojaksoon hyväksyn, että ilmoittautumistietojani käytetään valtakunnallisen ristiinopiskelujärjestelmän kehittämiseen. More information:" (tämä pitäisi kääntää englanniksi)
Earlier education: Other courses related to Module "Farm scale Utilization of Biobased By-products, 10 ECTS credits": Biogas Production in Farm Scale (3 ECTS Credits) /Turku AMK Farm Scale Energy Production from Solid Biofuels (3 ECTS credits) Biochar: Pyrolysis of Biomass (3 ECTS credits) /HAMK LZVB0300 Plant Nutrients from Biobased By-products" (3 ECTS credits)
Teacher(s): Laura Vertainen
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