Video Competition

Share your CampusOnline experience and win a gift card!

How has your experience with CampusOnline been so far? How have you benefitted from CampusOnline studies? Where and how have you made the most of the freedom of studying whenever and wherever it best suits you? What has been the best thing and would you recommend CampusOnline to fellow UAS students all over Finland?

Share your CampusOnline experiences and best practices for distance learning in general. Shoot a short (1-2 min) video clip or montage and send it to us by 28 February. We’ll choose the best four to be published on our website and social media. All four winners will be rewarded with a 50 € gift card to K Group shops.

Kuvia verkko-opiskelusta

Rules of the CampusOnline video competition

1. Organiser
The video competition is organised by Turku University of Applied Sciences Ltd.

2. Competition period
8–28 February 2019

3. Participation
You can participate in the video competition by filming a 1–2-minute free-form video clip or video compilation about CampusOnline studies and sending it with your contact information by 28 February to You can send the video directly to the aforementioned email address or you can send a link to a video uploaded to a cloud service.

4. Participants
The competition is open to all natural persons residing in Finland who have taken or are taking a course via the portal.

5. Prize
The four (4) best videos will be awarded with a €50 gift voucher to the K Group. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash and will be delivered to an address in Finland given by the winner.

6. Winners
The winners of the competition will be chosen by 10 March. The choice will be made by the portal’s own jury. The winner will be personally notified (by 10 March) by email to the address from which the winning video was sent (or by telephone if a telephone number has been given). If a winner is not reached within a week, the jury will choose a new winner. The winner’s name is published along with the video if they so choose. User rights for the winning video are confirmed with a separate agreement.

7. Conditions of participation
The participant assures that they have full rights to the video and its publishing, and that they have asked for the consent of any other people appearing on the video. At the same time, the participant grants the organiser the right to use and edit the video for the communications related to the portal’s information, marketing and publishing activities.

8. Further information
The competition is not organised by Instagram or Facebook, and they do not sponsor, endorse or administer the campaign in any way. The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the rules.