Entrepreneurship and Small Business Marketing

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Ala:  Kielet ja kulttuuri, Yhteiskuntatieteiden, liiketalouden ja hallinnon ala, Yrittäjyys

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Course contents
-Entrepreneurship challenge -Business opportunities: business idea identification and development -Building the business plan: financial, risk and marketing considerations -Practices of creating a new enterprise
Learning outcomes of the course unit
After successfully completing this study unit, students will be able to: – recognize the importance of entrepreneurship in the national economy – evaluate the necessary personal skills and attitudes to be an entrepreneur – identify the essential parts of the entrepreneurial process from finding a business idea to marketing planning of a new business venture as well as practices of a new establishment

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Online studies, in which online materials provided through Moodle.


”Assessment: 0-5, assessment criteria (3-4)
Approved learning assignments, assessment scale: excellent (5), good (4-3), satisfactory (2-1), fail (0)”

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