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Course contents
The Past of the Nation & Social Development
The Roots of the Economy & the Economy TodayStudying & Working in Finland
International TradeBusiness Today
Learning outcomes of the course unit
The student is able to:
describe the main characteristics of the Finnish society – history, way of life, economic & business environment and working opportunities
identify and describe the new trends in the development of the Finnish society
name famous Finns and their contribution to the image of Finland worldwide
identify the trends and the challenges in the development of the Finnish society
summarise the knowledge orally and in writing
find information, enhance their own expertise and also contribute some of it to the other participants in the course
communicate effectively in English on these subjects

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Online studies, in which online materials provided through Moodle.


”Assessment criteria
Student has to complete at least 75% of the tasks in order to receive a grade.
Evaluation scale
Student workload
Students are expected to spend at least 50 hours in researching the topics in the course and 20 hours for completing the assignments.”

Opettaja(t): Slaveya Hämäläinen
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