From Idea to Innovation

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Ala:  Kielet ja kulttuuri, Yhteiskuntatieteiden, liiketalouden ja hallinnon ala, Yrittäjyys

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Course contents
What do innovations and innovativeness mean and how are they related to developing an organisation and business? How can you promote your own creativity? How can you work in a team to promote creativity? How can you utilize collective and multidisciplinary creativity? How can you utilize different kinds of development methods when solving problems? How can you combine and utilize internal and external knowledge for the basis of development work?
Learning outcomes of the course unit
You are able to recognize problems and opportunities in the environment as well as generate and communicate new solutions together with different types of interest groups and stakeholders. You are able to utilize information obtained from different sources and stakeholders. You are able to use different kinds of development methods and to apply creative approaches to solve problems. You are able to contribute to multidisciplinary team creativity and performance.

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Online studies, in which online materials provided through Moodle.


”Assessment: 1-5, assessment criteria (3-4):
Students can b. look for information in the key information sources of the field. d. work together with customers, users and target groups. e. use the key models, methods, software and techniques of the professional field. f. work as team members in a goal-oriented way.”

Opettaja(t): Ksenia Sharapova
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