Internet Business Models

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Ala:  Digitaalisuus, Digitaalisuus, Johtaminen ja esimiestyö, Tekniikan ja liikenteen ala, Yhteiskuntatieteiden, liiketalouden ja hallinnon ala

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Learning outcomes of the course
The student is able to
– describe differences between virtual world and physical world
– identify business opportunities in the internet and networks
– apply an understanding of the internet society to build new markets
– combine business and information technology knowledge
– utilize opportunities of digitalization for business

Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: The course can be completed studying independently. There is a schedule to help pace the student, but following this schedule is not compulsory. Quizzes and assignments can be returned late between the start and end dates.
The course consists of 8 chapters. Each chapter contains a quiz. These quizzes have to be completed succesfully to obtain a grade one. Open students will receive their course certificates based on the quizzes. To achieve grade two, university students need to be active on the discussion forums and to achieve a grade three to five, university students will also need to return an essay. The essay can be written in English or Finnish.
Opettaja(t): Ville Saarikoski
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