Introduction of Bioinformatics

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After the course student can define the concept of bioinformatics. Student can apply internet based biological databases and data management tools. Student can define where and how the data is collected and how it is utilized.

The course is designed to provide an introduction to the emerging technology of Bioinformatics. Student should have some previous knowledge of molecular biology and biochemistry. The student will learn basic concepts and facts of Bioinformatics and its applications in food industry, health services and information technology, for example, how microbe species can be identified by its genome sequence. The student will perceive the existence of different internet based tools and databases.
o DNA databases
o DNA sequence analysis : Genome Projects
o Protein databases
o Protein sequence analysis
o Use of protein structure data
o Pair alignment
o Multiple alignment
o Gene Expression: Microarrays, Biostatistics
o Systems Biology: Integration of data
o Protein Structure: Determination, Comparative modeling
o Theory and practice of the most common computational tools used in bioinformatics

Student should have some previous knowledge of molecular biology and biochemistry.


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The course is based on independent but scheduled studying in online environment. There will be some discussion tasks and online group works as well.


Assessment. Approved mid-assignments and written assignment

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Technical requirements: Headset with microphone, webcam (desirable)

By week 50, we’ll let you know you’ve got in.

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