Introduction to Music Technology

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During the course the attending student will get familiar with the concept of music technology and the basic tools the technology offers in the context of music. The course has been divided to three different sections: in the computer-aided notation the student will learn the use of the open-sourced MuseScore notation software; the recording and mixing section contains information and tasks about the basic tools for recording and mixing sound; and the live-sound basics will help the student to understand how a simple live sound reinforcement system works and is set up. The course will be held in English as distance learning studies online.

Tavoitteet: Objectives: Introduction to principles of acoustics, psychoacoustics, sound re-inforcement and studio work. At the end of the course student is able to monitor, record and mix instruments to make demo.

- Introduction to music technology principles
- Introduction to Notation program, (Sibelius)
- Introduction to Live sound reinforcement, monitoring and mixing
- Introduction to recording and working with Audio workstation, (Logic, Cubase or Pro Tools)
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The course is completed by independent online studies. The course’s tasks and learning materials are shared on the course’s Moodle platform, in which the completed tasks will be also returned.


Evaluation is based on the completion of the given tasks: The evaluation focuses on the correct use of the music technology software, appropriate execution of the given tasks, the quality of the produced sound, and the following of given instructions. Every mandatory task has to be performed correctly in order to complete the course.

Aikaisemmat opinnot: No prerequisites.
Opettaja(t): Jussi Tuohino
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