Leadership and Development in Social and Health

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Leadership and Development in Social and Health Care studies provides an introduction to the leadership theories, tools and techniques. It includes managing teams and quality, managing change and making the best use of available resources.
You are able to
• understand the meaning of leadership in Health and Social Care Practice
• recognize various theories of leadership
• recognize contemporary changes in work and in work life
• manage your own work and you know the significance of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship
• recognize labour law and apply it in practical cases
• reflect ethical questions of leadership
• know the basic principles of financial management
• to evaluate and develop work communities and well-being at work

Tavoitteet: Introduction to leadership, management and work community development. Contemporary changes in organizations, in work and in leadership in Social and Health Care. Labour Law. Knowledge Management, Quality Management, Diversity Management, Work Welfare Management, Financial Management.
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Aikaisemmat opinnot: No prerequisities needed
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