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The course is completed by employing the learning environment’s learning material, literature, internet links and other source material. During the course the students will complete various practical tasks related to different logistics areas. To complete the course, the student will also have to be active in possible online discussions in the discussion forums.

At the end of the course, the student examines and reflects on his/her own learning on the course and writes a report. This self-evaluation report is an individual task but utilizing group support and discussions in preparation is extremely useful and recommended. The report will be assessed.

The course tutor(s) will give feedback on the assignments and answer any questions students may have.

The course is completed by following the course schedule and meeting all submission dates. This ensures more effective learning.

Tavoitteet: The course is divided into the following modules:
1. Introduction
2. Procurement logistics
3. Production logistics
4. Warehousing
5. Transportation
6. Logistics and the company's finances
7. Paperless information flow
8. Green logistics
9. Logistics legislation

The core knowledge for the topic is introduced in each module. Each topic forms a separate module and includes specific assignments. The student should also use course textbooks and other source material to gain a broader and deeper knowledge and understanding of each topic.
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Online course


The students will be assessed on the basis of course assignments/exercise reports and self-evaluation report (90 % weight) as well as student’s activity during the course (10 % weight).”

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