Mobile Data Communications

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Student knows the fundamental data communications terms and can distinguish the differences between those terms. Student knows the most important mobility interfaces of a hand-held device.
Student can design a software application with data communications features including transferred and formatted (XML,JSON) data handling.
Student knows how to use a software development environment to construct, test and make an installation package for an application.

HTTP. Messaging. Telephony.

Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: Brief introductions with examples in the beginning of exercises (to learned individually), then individual concentration on tasks. The inspections of tasks take place on Net – all the exercise and the teamwork (which is possible to do also alone) are returned at Git. So, at the end of the course teamwork assignment will take place. Some theory is included aside the exercises which responds about 1 to 3 hours, exercises about 20 hours, student's own work with the assignment makes about 60 hours. This course will establish the base for the project period coming next. Target is the students with his/her team members (or individually) are able to build up a required mobile communication application using the Android client, also the basic Android skills are needed before the course.
Aikaisemmat opinnot: Knowledge of C++ or Java programming are required.
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