Opinions of an engineering student about the CampusOnline

An engineering student Mila Grigoryeva shares her experiences on CampusOnline studies; where did she hear about CampusOnline, how did she end up choosing courses via it and of course, what is her favourite part of CampusOnline? Go and read Mila’s blog post!

My name is Mila and I am a 4th year engineering student at Turku University of Applied Sciences. I am studying Information Technology and majoring in Embedded Systems. This means I am mostly doing hardware programming and taking very similar classes.

Naturally, I’ve been looking for online courses that would be related to IT, but offered something new. Before I discovered CampusOnline, I searched for such courses from websites of other schools, which was a tedious task since I also had to make sure I could transfer those credits and look for registration links and forms.

CampusOnline struck me with a variety of courses

Last year I stumbled upon CampusOnline when browsing my school’s website. I immediately checked it out since I was still missing credits, and almost all of the optional courses at my own school were already full or weren’t offered in English. Right away CampusOnline struck me with a variety of courses from different fields of studies: you could take business classes, study a language like Russian or Finnish, enrol for an introductory programming course or even sign up for a large 15-credit module.

I ended up registering for the Microprocessors course offered by Metropolia UAS and a Cloud Services course from Oulu UAS. I chose these because I wanted to expand my knowledge of hardware and also take an IT course that wasn’t available at my own school.

It saves a lot of time

My favorite part about CampusOnline is that it saves you a lot of time. All you need to do to sign up for a course is choose one and register for it. It takes about a minute to fill in your information, and then you get an e-mail with further instructions from the school you are taking the course from. This way you don’t need to browse for courses on different websites. CampusOnline also provides information on how to transfer your study credits to your home institution, which, after all, is the most important part.

Make sure to check out CampusOnline if you are missing some credits, looking to learn something new or just want to get ahead in your studies while you have some free time (this is for you, first-year students!). You will probably find something you like. 🙂