Possibilities of Wood Energy

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Ala:  Luonnonvara- ja ympäristöala

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Course description
You can describe the systems of harvesting and transportingenergy wood. You can evaluate the technical, economic and ecologic sustainability of energy wood production. You can estimate the consequences of policy changes for the forest sector.

Learning objectives
How to chooseenergy wood harvesting sites?
How do you select the harvesting system?
How do you transport and handle energy wood?
How do you organise the storage of energy wood?

Course consists of themes (one theme/ week).
Study material is linked to the learning environment.
Small exam at every week, final exam at the end of the course. All exams (also resit) are on-line exams.

Approximately 135 hours of student work.

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Independent working.


Grading scale 0-5.

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