Production and Application of Biochar in Farm Scale

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The student will learn the basic properties of biochar and the pyrolysis technique will be introduced as an alternative method for biomass processing and energy production. The student will learn which agricultural or forestry-based side streams could be used for biochar production, will understand the pyrolysis process and will know the alternative methods to produce biochar. The student will learn to evaluate how the raw material and production method will affect the quality and applications of biochar. The student will get a practical guidance how to produce biochar by himself with a simple home scale pyrolysis method and will be introduced to various practical applications for biochar.

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Student workload in hours: virtual study 20 h (webinars, videos), virtual assignments 30 h, independent study 56 h

Opettaja(t): Annakaisa Elo

Ilmoittautuminen: 26.08.2019 - 06.09.2019
Ajankohta: 23.09.2019 - 11.10.2019