Sales Process and Tools

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This course offers understanding of sales process and sales environment. It focuses on how the sales tools and digital solutions support and create efficient sales processes that creates added values to serve customers’ better.
The course will also concentrate on the sales trends, digital sales tools and how these will improve the sales processes.


Students understand the components and stages of the sales process and customers’ purchase process. They deepen their skills and knowledge of customer relationship management as a system and its role to support the sales process. Students learn to manage their customer base. They learn to use various sales and negotiations techniques to close a deal.


• Basics of sales process
• Buying process vs sales process,
• CRM in support of sales process/
• Traditional and digital sales tools,
• Function and benefits of sales tools in sales process
• Different roles in sales,
• Management in sales,
• Sales techniques, Sales negotiations: negotiation steps and negotiation skills

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100% web course (Moodle)


Assessment is based on the online quizzes, case studies and online reports.
Grading scale: 0-5

Aikaisemmat opinnot: No prerequisites
Opettaja(t): Özerk Göker
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