Serious Games and Business

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Ala:  Yhteiskuntatieteiden, liiketalouden ja hallinnon ala

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After completing the course the student understands different aspects of serious games business. The student gets familiarised with the concepts serious game and gamification. The student learns what are monetization and funding possibilities for serious games. Student also finds out the distribution channels for serious games. Finally student understands the process to design and implement a serious game.

Serious games and gamification. Business model and monetization. Funding. Markets and distribution channels. Game production. Pitching. Introduction to project management.

Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: Online course with Individual study attainments. Working in virtual learning platform independently and with guidance. No contact teaching. Estimated amount of student work is 135 hours.
Opettaja(t): Tuula Ijäs
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Ilmoittautuminen: 26.08.2019 - 30.09.2019
Ajankohta: 14.10.2019 - 20.12.2019